Cured meats using traditional methods.


The bacon is hand made in a process that takes about two weeks from start to finish. The cure is sweet and rich with a clean, smokey flavor from cold smoking in a stone chimney over local maple hardwood. This is the way it used to be done in the days before the bellies were injected with chemical smoke and cooked in commercial ovens. *Please see below for cooking tips, as this bacon contains sugars that are easily burnt.*


This is a traditional, dry cured sausage. A natural fermentation process gives it distinctive sharpness and flavor while protecting against other organisms. We offer Hungarian and Tuscan recipes.


This is “Italian bacon,” rolled in salt, sugar and spices then hung and allowed to air dry. Pancetta is not cooked during processing, instead, it is typically cooked before it’s eaten. You can dice it up, sauté it, and throw


All natural Berkshire hog legs are packed in sea salt then hung on-the-bone, the old fashioned way, in an unhurried process that takes up to three years to complete. Over time, the hams lose about eight pounds of water and natural enzymes turn the meat an intense, rosy color. The final product is an incredibly rich dried ham with a sought after parmesan-cheese-like richness.